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piątek, 17 grudnia 2010

Jon Kortajarena love

New H&M Fall Winter 2010/2011 Spot is so amazing! I love that model from spain, but i didn't expect him to act in new hm collection spot. His probably my favourite model. Do you adore him too?
Thanks everyone for visiting<3

sobota, 6 listopada 2010

Party hard

I was a photographer on my friend's party. I really enjoyed it! Here you can see some pictures of Hania, Rob and Paula, my really beautiful and beloved friends! Today I was on sushi and i'm so glad! I didn't mention that I play baseball, did I? This is rare in Poland, but I like to be oryginal! So tomorrow we play with Centaury, they play really good, so keep your finger crossed<3 I'll show you photos of the match, i promise!

niedziela, 12 września 2010

Leighton Meester love

Lately, i fell in love with Leighton Meester style! I discovered her while I was watching Gossip Girl. All actress in this tv serial are dressed gorgeus, but i found her style the best! I would describe it as elegant, classic, girly, inspired probably by Paris designers style. Just look at her, and tell me that she doesn't dress wonderful!
Tomorrow i'll show you photos of me, and i'm buying a new lomo photo camera. I'm thinking of fisheye or diana f +.
On thursday i'm going to earn my firs money, by taking photos of some politicians! It's great, isn't it?
Love ya<3

Here at Derek Lam

środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

back home/ award

Yeah, the summer is almost over. Yesterday i came from Corfu, a greek island where i was for 2 weeks. I met incredible people from different countries of the world there. Some of them was from Bulgaria, other from Germany or England, even from Poland! When i go abroad i don't really meet people from my lovelly country, because i'm quite oryginal, when it is about choosing a place for holidays. I definietly recomend you the blue bay escape resort! Especialy when you want to go there with the whole family, i mean children, cause there is a club for them. The animation team is also great so you won't be bored;)
Tomorrow i will try to show u the most interesting photos, which will describe my holidays the best, because pictures will tell u more than words;)
I got an award from GreteTe and  i'm very glad! Thank u very very much;* Because of that i have to ansere some questions;
Award#1 Rules
1. Describe where you think you'll be in ten years .
2.Pass the fun along to 10 other bloggers.
1. In ten years I'll be 25 years old, so i'll be studying. I hope that I'll be a great dressed yournalist student. The one who is the best in studying, but also in partys, making new friends etc. I hope that i'll introduce my photography and have interesting adventures. I just want to be myself:)
Award#2 Rules
1.Post the award on your blog.
2.Link the person who has given you the award.
3.Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovers.
4. Let these 15 people know that you've given them an award
Award#3 Rules
1.Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3.Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.
4. Let these blogs know that you have awered them the Versatile Blogging Award.
OK, so 7 things about myself:
1. I have a twin sister. Her name is Zosia, so it sounds funny( Tosia&Zosia)
2.I've never eat a real hamburger, seriously! In my whole life!
3.I love the feeling when the plyne is about to take of/ land!
4.I have been to the hospital so many times, but not because of myself! I was there with my unlucky twin sister!
5.I'm addicted to facebook! Maybe not addicted in a bad meaning, but i spend too much time on facebook, that's for sure!
6.I have 3 names(Antonina Maria Rita), and in one year i'll get another one, you know in church.
7.I start to panic when i don't check if the doors are closed!

If i made something wrong in this award game, let me know:)
If you are in the list, please answer to these questions:

niedziela, 27 czerwca 2010

Paradise city

This is how i went on a saturday party. I was on a shopping beforehand and i bought this t-shirt, black dress with silver items sewn on on the shoulders, from H&M, and impeccable leather shoes from Zara! They had relatively good price, cause there are sales everywhere! I love it!
Tomorrow i'm going on a windsurfing camp, by the sea. I will be there until 25.07, so i won't write anything for a month! Love yaa<3

środa, 23 czerwca 2010

Here you can see some amazing photos i found on lookbook.nu! I adore u people!On Saturday i'm going for a party! I don't know how will i dressed yet, but i'm thinking about a pink-sporty dress, navy jacket and navy high heels or my leggins, black jacket and black high heels. I have to go shopping with my girls too, cause i don't have the right handbag! Maybe i could borrow one from my mother?Tomorrow i'm making photos of my best friends, that will be hillarious!

wtorek, 22 czerwca 2010

Some free time!

Wow, i'm so glad that i have some free time now! I don't have to learn as hurt as i used to, so now i will take more photos and write more, i promise! And i also feel like everuthing is going perfectly! My marks are quite good, i'm having fun with my friends and there are only 3 days left to holidays!

Recently i've seen girl from Poland in "best dressed reader of the day" on teenvogue.com and i'm very happy about it!
Fashion: Here you can see me wearing my mom's high heels. I like them badly! The leggins are oryginal too. They are from Zara. On the other hand, it is difficult to entabler anything to them! I'm usually wearing a black jacket with them.

niedziela, 11 kwietnia 2010


Respect in Peace[*]
W sobote, 10 kwietnia, o godzinie 8:56 w katastrofie samolotu Tupolew 154M zginęło 96 osób, w tym: nasz prezydent, Lech Kaczyński z żoną Marią Kaczyńską,a takze 84 najwazniejszych osób w państwie i 8 członków załogi. Dla wielu ludzi, w tym dla mnie, wiadomość ta brzmiała jak kiepski żart. Trudno mi było uwierzyć w fakt, że zginął mąż stanu wraz z małzonką. Na pokładzie tego samolotu był takze kapelan prezydenta, ks. prałat Roman Jędrzejczyk, którego znałam osobiście. Wstrząsnęła mną ta tragedia.

Podoba mi sie jednak reakcja ludzi, którzy zjednoczyli sie i jeździli pod pałac prezydencki, by zapalić znicz. W południe wybrałam sie tam z rodziną. Ludzi było kilka tysięcy. O 12 na dwie minuty zawyły syreny. Mnóstwo osób płakało, inni modlili się a inni po prostu stali w milczeniu.

Potem o 15 do Warszawy dotarła trumna z ciałem Lecha Kaczyńskiego i gdy konwój jechał ulicami Warszay, tłum ludzi, stojacych przy trasie między lotniskiem, a pałacem prezydenckim zegnał go, rzucajac kwiaty.

Teraz czekamy na date ogłoszenia wyborów i trwamy w smutku. Żałoba narodowa potrwa przez tydzień, ale kraj zostanie pogrążony w żalu znacznie dłużej. Nie wiem jak można było dopuścić do tego, by jednym samolotem leciało tyle ważnych osobistości.

czwartek, 11 marca 2010

Smells like spring!

I love it, when the sun is shining!


My class went skiing, so I have a lot of free time. I run everyday, at 7 am, and then I come back to sleep:) About 11 I clean my house, like some kind of a psycho:) Then I read "Romeo and Juliet". I must say that is fantastic! and that's the first part of my day. After 1 pm I meet with my friends, which means that I take a bus and go to their schools, it's sometimes hard for me because Warsaw is quite big, and, in general, we cannot relay on our public transport. So I'm looking forward to have my own car:))

I am home before 4 pm. and then i learn history. That's all, sorry if that was borring, but this daily rutine is unusuall for me, so i had to tell you about it:)

Now, you must see this photo, i fell in love with this handbag! It's obsolutely in my style, i jadore elements with UK flag. I have an idea to buy a flag on ebay and to hang it on my wall.

wtorek, 2 marca 2010

what's new in fashion

Hi there! This is me;pp and this are my new shoes and my new skirt. What do you think?

So, last time i promised you, that i will finaly write something about fashion. Friday night i spend in Gabi's haus, but i went shoping with my mom beforehand. I have boutgh a lot of casual clothes. First, i would like to tell you about my new shoes, they are from Zara and i think that

they're the essence of spring fashion. For next season, designers suggest us navy and white strips. Everything in sailors style, and i like it! But this is my opinion ofcourse. I have also one mini dress in that style, from Zara too. This is my friend Natalie, in my dress:

Nice photo isn't it? I took it and i'm proud:)

czwartek, 25 lutego 2010

Winter holidays

Hey! Wow, i must tell you that in the last three weeks my life has changed. For my winter holidays (29.01-14.02) i went to Paganella, an Italian ski courort. I was skiing all day long! I had a great ski instructor, so i enjoyed the lessons and i also developed my skiing. I realised that i have so much more to learn! After every exhausting, but funny day, we were chilling out, which was amazing! One night we were dancing in the moonlight, and another night riding hotels bicycles in the garage! I miss it... But there was one think that made my holidays a bit sad. My twin sister had an accident, while she was skiing. It looked horrible, but it wasn't as bad as i thought. Although, she had to lie in bed till the end of the trip.
See how beautiful is Italy...
Tomorrow i will show you photos of me and more about FASHION!!

poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2010


Gil is singing: "...Ty zobaczysz mnie,gdy masz dobry wzrok", which means something like: u will perceive me, if u have a good eyesight! Yeah, i know, it is stupid;p

FEEL THE RYTHM! i'm this girl with blue jeans and colorful t-shirt;p these are NOT my casual clothes, i'm dressed up for the show.

sobota, 23 stycznia 2010

My first post here!

Hi, this is my fisrt post here... U can see what i like the most on my profil, so i won't write this again. I'm from Poland, but i will right in English to practise my language;) Sorry for my mistakes;p

Today,i was on a charity concert called: "Domeyko Dzieciom". I had so much fun dancing on a stage with my friend singing "maczo"- by Kasa. I'm waiting for the photos;p
*This is my first photo took in 2010 year