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czwartek, 11 marca 2010

Smells like spring!

I love it, when the sun is shining!


My class went skiing, so I have a lot of free time. I run everyday, at 7 am, and then I come back to sleep:) About 11 I clean my house, like some kind of a psycho:) Then I read "Romeo and Juliet". I must say that is fantastic! and that's the first part of my day. After 1 pm I meet with my friends, which means that I take a bus and go to their schools, it's sometimes hard for me because Warsaw is quite big, and, in general, we cannot relay on our public transport. So I'm looking forward to have my own car:))

I am home before 4 pm. and then i learn history. That's all, sorry if that was borring, but this daily rutine is unusuall for me, so i had to tell you about it:)

Now, you must see this photo, i fell in love with this handbag! It's obsolutely in my style, i jadore elements with UK flag. I have an idea to buy a flag on ebay and to hang it on my wall.

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