we live fast, but don't wanna die young

poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2010


Gil is singing: "...Ty zobaczysz mnie,gdy masz dobry wzrok", which means something like: u will perceive me, if u have a good eyesight! Yeah, i know, it is stupid;p

FEEL THE RYTHM! i'm this girl with blue jeans and colorful t-shirt;p these are NOT my casual clothes, i'm dressed up for the show.

sobota, 23 stycznia 2010

My first post here!

Hi, this is my fisrt post here... U can see what i like the most on my profil, so i won't write this again. I'm from Poland, but i will right in English to practise my language;) Sorry for my mistakes;p

Today,i was on a charity concert called: "Domeyko Dzieciom". I had so much fun dancing on a stage with my friend singing "maczo"- by Kasa. I'm waiting for the photos;p
*This is my first photo took in 2010 year