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wtorek, 2 marca 2010

what's new in fashion

Hi there! This is me;pp and this are my new shoes and my new skirt. What do you think?

So, last time i promised you, that i will finaly write something about fashion. Friday night i spend in Gabi's haus, but i went shoping with my mom beforehand. I have boutgh a lot of casual clothes. First, i would like to tell you about my new shoes, they are from Zara and i think that

they're the essence of spring fashion. For next season, designers suggest us navy and white strips. Everything in sailors style, and i like it! But this is my opinion ofcourse. I have also one mini dress in that style, from Zara too. This is my friend Natalie, in my dress:

Nice photo isn't it? I took it and i'm proud:)

4 komentarze:

  1. i love stripes
    you look is great!

  2. śliczne baleriny <3
    i zdjęcie mistrzowskie jak z Vogue'a.
    + żeby jeszcze bardziej nasłodzić, dodam, że widziałam spódniczkę w sklepie i baaardzo mi się podoba.

  3. I also wanna get those ballerinas from zara! :D