we live fast, but don't wanna die young

niedziela, 27 czerwca 2010

Paradise city

This is how i went on a saturday party. I was on a shopping beforehand and i bought this t-shirt, black dress with silver items sewn on on the shoulders, from H&M, and impeccable leather shoes from Zara! They had relatively good price, cause there are sales everywhere! I love it!
Tomorrow i'm going on a windsurfing camp, by the sea. I will be there until 25.07, so i won't write anything for a month! Love yaa<3

środa, 23 czerwca 2010

Here you can see some amazing photos i found on lookbook.nu! I adore u people!On Saturday i'm going for a party! I don't know how will i dressed yet, but i'm thinking about a pink-sporty dress, navy jacket and navy high heels or my leggins, black jacket and black high heels. I have to go shopping with my girls too, cause i don't have the right handbag! Maybe i could borrow one from my mother?Tomorrow i'm making photos of my best friends, that will be hillarious!

wtorek, 22 czerwca 2010

Some free time!

Wow, i'm so glad that i have some free time now! I don't have to learn as hurt as i used to, so now i will take more photos and write more, i promise! And i also feel like everuthing is going perfectly! My marks are quite good, i'm having fun with my friends and there are only 3 days left to holidays!

Recently i've seen girl from Poland in "best dressed reader of the day" on teenvogue.com and i'm very happy about it!
Fashion: Here you can see me wearing my mom's high heels. I like them badly! The leggins are oryginal too. They are from Zara. On the other hand, it is difficult to entabler anything to them! I'm usually wearing a black jacket with them.