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niedziela, 27 czerwca 2010

Paradise city

This is how i went on a saturday party. I was on a shopping beforehand and i bought this t-shirt, black dress with silver items sewn on on the shoulders, from H&M, and impeccable leather shoes from Zara! They had relatively good price, cause there are sales everywhere! I love it!
Tomorrow i'm going on a windsurfing camp, by the sea. I will be there until 25.07, so i won't write anything for a month! Love yaa<3

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  1. Heeey I love your blog :)
    And because of that, you won an award!! yay
    Read about it in my blog post: http://gretepassionsandfashions.blogspot.com/2010/08/award-for-shitty-day.html


  2. cute outfit - i love your blazer x