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sobota, 23 stycznia 2010

My first post here!

Hi, this is my fisrt post here... U can see what i like the most on my profil, so i won't write this again. I'm from Poland, but i will right in English to practise my language;) Sorry for my mistakes;p

Today,i was on a charity concert called: "Domeyko Dzieciom". I had so much fun dancing on a stage with my friend singing "maczo"- by Kasa. I'm waiting for the photos;p
*This is my first photo took in 2010 year

3 komentarze:

  1. Hi Tosia! Beautiful blog, especially backgorund <3
    And I really love your photos, I want more :D
    Good luck! :*

  2. wow! niezle tosia! otwierasz sie na swiat:p. oj, zapomnialem, ze tu mowimy po angielsku. hi everybody! give her many good comments, she's a fanstastic girl and a super-duper friend;]!

  3. and, ofcourse, we're waiting for many following posts and photos:*